On behalf of our Greek School teachers, I would like to welcome you and kick-start our 2024-25 Greek School Year.  

st. george greek school hartfordThis year we added two more classes in our school.  

1) Adult Greek School (at the beginner and intermediate level), and 

2) 9th-12th Pre-College level (Advanced level, intended for our Greek School Graduates that are getting ready to go to college).

The first day of School is Saturday, Sept. 9th, 10 am – 12 pm, where registration, meet-the-teachers and brief Town-Hall meeting will take place to discuss various aspects and directions for our school.

Next Saturday, Sept. 16th, we will conduct our last year’s field trip at the Center for Hellenic Studies “Paideia” (UCONN Storrs Campus) to visit the Spartan Museum.  A separate email will follow with logistics of this trip.

Regular classes will commence on Saturday, Sept. 23rd (9 am – 12:00 pm), and more info will follow from Sophia (and Peter) on the dance schedule.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me or see me tomorrow at our Cathedral.  If you have friends who might be interested in joining our school, pls. spread the word.

Best regards,

—Fotis (860-428-7634 cell)

Greek School

Greek School Program and the Greek School PTO Greek School Mission and Goals

It has been decided to unite a PTO for both Sunday school and Greek School. In keeping up with our multi-lingual world, St. George Cathedral offers modern Greek classes for children and adults. The mission of offering Greek School is to not only teach the Greek language, but to also strengthen their Hellenic-Christian ties. Even if you or your child does not speak any Greek we are able to accommodate and modify the curriculum to meet your needs. Come and be a part of an enrichment program which benefits you both socially and academically.

The main goals of the School are as follows:

  1. To develop basic Greek language skills.
  2. To promote reading and writing.
  3. To integrate academics with history, culture and traditions.
  4. To promote friendships and relationships among members in the community.
  5. To develop oral communication and expression.

By maintaining and offering this enrichment program students can become proud of their Greek-American heritage. Our future goal is for our children to become active and positive role models in the community and to promote our Greek education and culture.

Director of Greek School: Dr. Fotis Papadimitrakopoulos

Greek School is held every Saturday beginning in September and 
ending in May. 
Greek School Hours: 9:00a.m until 12:00 noon.

St. George Cathedral PTO

St. George PTO is a group of parents, teachers and school staff. Our goal as parents and teachers is to help strengthen our Greek School/ Sunday School Program and to firmly root our children in our Greek language, religion, heritage and culture. We encourage everyone to attend and participate in our organization and help support our programs and events. We welcome all recommendations and feedback.


We look forward to having a positive school year together.

Ioanna Kalas (co-president)

Despina Demos (co-president)

Dr. Alexia Koudellou (co-president)